UP^2 board stopped working after a while (No Video output, board takes only 0.1A)


Hi everyone

As the manufacturer told Mouser that I have to ask for a solution here in order to proceed with the warranty case, I'm now doing this.

I have a UP^2 board which worked smoothly for several weeks. Then suddenly it stopped working. When I turn on the power supply, the UP^2 board takes only 0.1A and there is no Video output. I already removed the battery over a weekend (with detached power supply of course) and reinserted it to reset the BIOS, but without any success.

Do you have any idea, how I can further troubleshoot?


  • snuhg
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    Think about it. If you had bought a new car, the engine stops working after a few weeks and the car dealer tells you to go search on some internet forum for a solution so you could fix the engine yourself. You'd tell him he is out of his mind, right? That is also what you should tell Mouser. They sold you a new product which suddenly stopped working (without any wrongdoing on your part, I am assuming). In such a case they are required by law to issue an RMA. Period.

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