Can the UP Core Plus act as both a USB Host and Client?


Long story short, I am using a sophisticated sensor that needs a fairly powerful system to do some image manipulations and then I would like to then use the results to perform different keyboard actions. Is it possible to have the sensor connected to the port circled in red and then connect it to my computer using the OTG port circled in blue to send the keyboard data?

If that would work what would be the best method of going about that?


  • joaomrq
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    I also would like to know this.

    I have tested the UP Squared, and the USB3.0 microB port does not work at USB3.0 on device mode, always falls back to USB2.0 connection, probably due to faulty hardware or BIOS bug.
    Even when working as host mode i get multiple connection errors when working with an external HDD. This never happens when using an USB3.0 A connector.

    Hopefully, that error is fixed on this board.

    If someone who has one of these could confirm, it would be great.