[SOLVED] Intel Wifi Chip 8265 not Work Properly on Up Square Board

vunguyen New Member Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in UP Squared Linux

Hi everyone, I am trying to pick a good wireless chip for my up squared board which runs Android X86_64. I have 2 Intel chips: which are 3165 and 8265. The 3165 works well and properly, but the 8265 seems to have better performance and better specs. Unfortunately, the 8265 only works when I do "hard" reboot unplug/re-plug the power source. If I do "normal" reboot, the wireless chip is not recognized. What should be the cause?

Does anyone have this same problem? and any clue/pointers to help this out?
I am wondering if this is because the wireless chip 8265 is not compatible with the Up Squared Board


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