not able to run demo application on UP2 Board with "-d HDDL"

venubk New Member Posts: 5

When i run demo application on UP2 board with -d HDDL option to run inference on VPU it is failing with following error, can anybody tell me the reson for this error

[12:02:39.9235][10441]I[ServiceStarter.cpp:45] Info: Found HDDL Service is running.
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9237][10441]I[ConfigParser.cpp:176] Config file '/opt/intel/openvino_2019.1.094/deployment_tools/inference_engine/external/hddl/config/hddl_api.config' has been loaded
Hddl api version:2.2
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9238][10441]I[HddlClient.cpp:259] Info: Create Dispatcher2.
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9243][10441]I[HddlClient.cpp:270] Info: RegisterClient HDDLPlugin.
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9246][10445]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:148] Info: SenderRoutine starts.
Client Id:10
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9268][10446]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:235] Info: Other side of pipe is closed, shut down socket.
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9270][10441]I[Dispatcher2.cpp:81] Info: Client dispatcher exit.
[HDDLPlugin] [12:02:39.9273][10441]I[HddlClient.cpp:203] Info: Hddl client unregistered.
[ ERROR ] no devices found
Error on or near line 241; exiting with status 1

Thanks and regards


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