This is the area to clarify hardware specification if there's anything unclear from the datasheet. If the specification is software related, please ask in the related software section.

USB Controller

3cells New Member Posts: 22 ✭✭

How many controllers does the Up Board have?
The 4 standard USB2 ports appear to be on the same controller (USB 2.0)
The OTG port appears to be on a separate controller (USB 3.0)
Are the two additional USB ports that connect via the extension lead on the same USB controller as the 4 main ports (I don't have an extension lead so not ?
I ask as I have hit an I/O limit on the 4 port USB 2 controller. The obvious answer use the OTG port isn't an option as my device is USB 2.0 and that port appears to use the same USB 2.0 controller as the 4 main ports


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