UPboard Square U16.04 Movidius NCSDK installation error 1

Damiano New Member Posts: 1

I have an UP-board Square with Atom 3940 and Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm trying to install the Intel Movidius NCSDK 2.04
The scope is to use the USB Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick 1 with the UP-board.
The Makefile execution stopping with the following error:
Movidius Neural Compute Toolkit Installation
Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions, Intel(R) AVX, support required but not detected. Will exit
Makefile:47: recipe for target 'install' failed
make: *** [install] Error 1
Do you have any suggestion?
Is there an incompatibility between Atom 3940 and NCSDK?

Thank You