Yocto and boot 2 qt

realszopenrealszopen New Member Posts: 3

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here managed to successfully compile and use boot2qt opensource image for up board?

It's not easy to find, but boot2qt yocto layer has been released.


Hope someone managed to do it or maybe someone is in the process of trying to compile and use boot2qt image.



  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,058 admin

    Hi @realszopen

    We haven't tried it yet, but it might be interesting to attempt an integration with our available yocto layer for UP boards and systems: https://github.com/emutex/meta-up-board/tree/sumo

  • realszopenrealszopen New Member Posts: 3

    Hi @DCLeri. I have build the generic intel-core-i7-64 MACHINE image of boot2qt and inserted the flash drive into up board. It started booting but did not complete the process. However, when I booted the system the second time it started up nicely and works smoothly. Will try to integrate it with up board meta-layer.

    So far, I can only say the performance of up board is more than enough for smooth running of yocto based boot 2 qt image.

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,058 admin

    That's great news @realszopen

    I am sure if running an image with meta-upboard it should be even more smooth.

    It's good to know that boot2qt works well. Once you confirm it works with our meta layer, we will update the information in our wiki.


  • realszopenrealszopen New Member Posts: 3

    Hi @DCleri . After whole day on this issue I have miserably failed. that is I have not managed to integrate up-board layer with boot2qt. Probably my knowledge of yocto system is not extensive enough or rather is limitted. It is amazing build system anyway. I need a break from it and need to concentrate on different projects. Will keep an eye on this thread in the meantime and want to turn back to up-board and boot2qt very soon. Integrating these two should be fairly easy,

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