Is it possible to be a graphic designer on Linux?

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Hello everyone,,
After 8 years using the same MacBook Pro, I finally upgraded my gear to the only logical choice: a very powerful gaming laptop. But using Windows is killing me inside. There's no consistency. Meanwhile Apple's hardware is ridiculously limited, under-powered and overpriced. But you already knew that.

I used Ubuntu years ago and Kali when I was student and couldn't afford an own internet connection and I really liked them. The only thing that has been holding me back to jump to Ubuntu or Elementary OS permanently is the lack of native support for Adobe products. But I should be able to be creative with any setup, right?

I'm currently learning UI/UX design, and I've been able to work with Figma for a lack of a Windows alternative to Sketch. Which is a great browser program that can open Sketch files and offers even more than Sketch itself.

What I'm wondering is if it's possible to translate this experience to Linux. I know there are alternatives to most Adobe CC products, but can they open the Adobe files as well? Will Wine do the trick and offer the performance I need in, for example, rendering an animation? Has anyone been able to ditch Cinema 4D and used Blender instead without wanting to die?

​ The main programs I use are:

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • Premiere Pro

  • After Effects

  • Cinema 4D

  • Atom

I appreciate any comments and experiences that can enlighten me on my path to a better OS experience: an open one.

I am overwhelmed and thankful for all your comments. I did consider the Hackintosh option before buying my laptop, but it was limiting my hardware options. It's also very unreliable.

For the couple Apple-fanboy trolls: There's no way I'm going back to Apple after all the factory issues (which I also experienced with my 2010 MBP) and lack of upgradability. Also, I really appreciate having real ports for all my needs. They won't be having my money until they stop being so shady.

I should have mentioned this before, but at work I have to use an iMac with Adobe CC. I was asking for my home set-up, for the odd job. Not as my main source of income.

After reading all the answers, I decided I'll try with a dual boot for the occasional Adobe CC work on Windows, but I'll give Linux and its alternatives a go as my main OS.

Thanks to you, I know to expect a bumpy ride. But as a professional, I should be able to deliver, no matter the tools. So I'll keep you posted.



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    Hi @Gabrial ,

    This forum is about UP familly boards only. Not for generic questions about Linux.
    There are lot of official forums for Linux, so please leave that discussion if that is not for UP boards.


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