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Hardware doubts

Hi. We have just purchased a couple of Up-Board Core boards and they are amazing, but we can't find a clear explanation about some issues.

-First we would like to know which cameras are compatible (using MIPI CSI, 2 and/or 4-lane); since it looks like that Raspberry Pi compatible cameras are not an option due differences in pinout. We would prefer this against USB.

-And second, how we can install an stepper motor controller (like Adafruit). Is there an interface to enable the use of the EXHAT-100 port?

Thanks in advance.



  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 663 admin

    Hi @lcividanes

    Unfortunately MIPI-CSI interface has support for few cameras options and only one is available in our shop with Windows only support. For Linux there is no official support.

    About connecting the stepper motor you would need an expansion board like this one:

    And an adapter from the 30micro pin to the adafruit board which is not included in the package and you would need to create the adapter.

  • lcividaneslcividanes New Member Posts: 5

    Hi @DCleri Thanks for your input.

    There's no way to use the ExHAT100 "directly" to adapt it to HAT40?

    Also, can't find how to create that adapter from the low speed io.

  • lcividaneslcividanes New Member Posts: 5

    I'm even more confussed now. Checking the pin map for the 30pin connector, from the Download section and from the Wiki gives two completelly different sets...

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