Audio Ubuntu18.04 not working ( HDMI, or USb Headset, etc... )

ipeerbhai New Member Posts: 4

Hi All,

I'm trying to get audio to work in Ubuntu 18.04 with either HDMI or some USB headphones. I manged to get speaker-test to work like so:

speaker-test -Dplughw:CARD=Headset,DEV=0 ( This correctly plays pink noise ).
I can also get alsamixer to show the HDMI output and the USB headset.

So, I think it should be able to work -- if I can figure it out.

But I can't get pulseaudio to work at all. I've tried all these steps:
deleted .config/pulse -- didn't work.
uninstall and reinstalled both alsa and pulseaudio -- didn't work.

When I run pulsaudio --start - I get "Daemon Startup failed". When I use -vvv -- I see lots of debug log info, but nothing that tips me off.

My guess is that the issue is that pulseaudio's daemon won't start, but I don't know how to fix it...


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