Power Up Core Plus from 100-pin headers


I am designing a custom carrier board for the UP Core plus board, I will be using both 100-pin headers.
I can see two power ports there, 12V and 5V.
Can I power the UP Core Plus from the headers instead of the barrel jack?
What is 12V used for? Can I only use 5V?


  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 ✭✭

    Hi JoseN,

    The UPC-plus board is designed to use with 12VDC power input. If you plug in a 5VDC power, the board will not boot up.
    However, if you are designing your own customized carrier board and use it as power input source, then you can design with either 5VDC or 12VDC, both are allowed. The 100 pin board to board allows 12V and 5V pass through to the UPC-Plus board for power on.

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