One point to UP board (UP-CHT01) "bad" :-) design

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okay, lets start:
One day, I put active USB-HUB and USB3.0 flashdrive into the same USB double socket (one that close to right side edge) switched power on... And observed white smoke from the underside of the board.
Then I inspect bottom side of the board and found fried U60 chip... it somehow must to protect USB power line (one point to you guys - here no any documentation which elemnts you using @ design) , so I dismount this chip, and powered board - awesome it works fine, even those two USB ports through same active USB hub.
So I have several questions - which chip I can to use as replacement U60, and what you ommit at design stage at USB sockets?,- I wish to protect them much more better.
And last question: what about micro USB 3.0 socket design - can you tell something about it?


  • Konstantin
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    So no anyone (even devs) don't know anything about UP Board? Nice...

  • Troy Lin
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    Hi Konstantin,

    Sorry for the late reply

    Spec of U60 is power switch from Richtek.
    High-Side Power Switch.w/Flag.2A.SOT23-5.SMD.RICHTEK.RT9742CGJ5

    In the unusual case that U60 IC got burnt, it is usually cause by plug in wrong power input such as 12VDC. The UP board is 5VDC only.
    The U60 IC will get burnt when power is over voltage at above 6V.

    We have implement improvement on the power protection with new revision of UP board A11 (PCN issued), when plug in wrong power input such as 12VDC, the UP board will not get burnt and just simply not boot up.

    Thank you.

  • Konstantin
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    Thank you, it helps. Aye, probably my PS has spikes over 5V,- got USB COM dongle fried (based on CP2104).
    I will change powering schematics for devices then, and right now I placed ferrite bed & larger capacitor between PS and UPBoard as someting like workaround

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    hi. is there a way to know do i have a protected from 12v revision of board or not? can't find info