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can i use upcore in dc 5v3a battery?
if i only use the upcore to watch youtube.


  • uscdadnyc
    uscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    5v3a is w/i the Up-Core's Power Requirements. Yes. But for how long.? I am not a Battery Expert at all, but you have to consider things like
    (ex; Amp-hours or mAHours) ratings for your battery. I Too use UP-Board and a UP-Core to stream YouTube & (in USA)
    But I use RJ-45 wired LAN. Did not want to add a WiFi-Mesh Network for Faster(?) WiFi Streaming. Have both Up-Board and a Up-Core
    (w/ High-Speed Carrier Board). I use BT (BlueTooth) for Audio on both Up-Board and the Up-Core. O/S is Windows 10. Actually the
    Up-Board is the better deal. Add a BT-dongle (noob) and a USB Keyboard/Trackpad and you are in "business". W/ the Up-Core, I had to
    add a H/S Carrier Board Board (from Up) to get RJ-45. Actually w/ the proper Up Cable you can Also get USB2.0 off a Up-Core Header.
    Then add a USB2.0/3.0-to-RJ45-Dongle. BTW the Up-Core-H/S-Carrier-board has a Slot for a mini-PCIe Board. I have on-order a board
    w/ two SATA Data Connectors.. I hope to use Up-Core to also "duplicate" my "cloned Acronis/Macrium SSDs"

  • DCleri
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    you can if the battery is voltage regulated and it never goes below 5V.

    Most of the power banks don't handle correctly power spikes that can happen during boot or when the GPU starts decoding or any high load in the system. What can happen is that the battery reduces the voltage to provide enough current and that will damage your board.