Upboard UART : Error initializing UART

kevinkkevink New Member Posts: 7

I am currently trying to set up my upboard to send and receive UART with a micro-controller and I am struggling to initialize the UART correctly.

I tried to run the commands given here: https://wiki.up-community.org/Pinout#GPIO_Example_.231
and received the error: stty: /dev/ttyS1: Input/output error

I then thought, "Oh well maybe mraa could figure this out," and the sample mraa uart code returned: ValueError: Error initializing UART

I am running ubuntu 16.04 and I've already tried reinstalling the upboard kernel following the instructions here: https://wiki.up-community.org/Ubuntu#Install_Ubuntu_for_UP.2C_UP2.2C_UP_Core_and_UP_Core_Plus_2

I've been searching the forums for solutions and have come up empty. Has anyone else had this experience? Could there be a step that I am missing? Thanks.


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