Can't login to bios settings after updating to UPC1DM15. How can I recover from this?

Squintz New Member Posts: 2

I was having the same issue as this person. When I attempted to update to the latest release of Windows 10 I would get the blue screen.

Following the direction of some other users I tried updating the bios on my up-board to UPC1DM15. This solved my original problem. I was able to update windows and it boots just fine.

However, now I can't get into my BIOS settings which is a big problem for me. I need to be able to access the bios in order to make a backup image. When I press F7 I am greeted with the password box but I am not able to login. It seems the box isn't taking any input. After a period of time the system times out and reboots.

How do I recover from this?




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