Low Speed Carrier board connectors

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does anyone know where to buy cables/connectors for 20-pin and 30-pin connectors? I need to make a small number of cables for these connectors for development purposes. I'm not interested in purchase of more than 100 pieces.

It seems to be Pinrex connector (http://www.pinrex.com.tw/en/product-518029/1-25mm-PCB-Header.html). So I tried to contact them with sample inquiry but they are does not respond. :neutral: I does not found any their distributor that sell these connectors.

I'm from Europe. Would anyone give me some help where to buy these connectors? I am interrested in male and female part of them.


  • electry
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    20pin and 30pin connector parts are wrongly labeled. These connectors are Hirose DF14-20S-1.25C and DF14-30S-1.25C.

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    @electry Thanks for the info. Now I'm having an issue you may have a correct answer since I didn't get it from the team. I've found discrepancies regarding the 30pin connector in 2 different official documents and I don't know which is the real pin-out:

    Can you help me?

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    I am sorry I just don't have access to the UP Core board but you can get GPIO mux settings on your own. I'll try to write it out of memory....

    Open terminal and try mount debugfs like:

    mkdir /mnt/debug
    sudo mount -t debugfs none /mnt/debug

    Then as root ("sudo su" etc.) you can dig (with "cd" or something) into /mnt/debug/gpio or /mnt/debug/pinctrl/ directory. There should be something like "upboard-pinctrl" and there you should find pin multiplexor settings (that what you are looking for). Use "cat" command to print out files/settings.

    (some typed names might not be accurate)

    I wish you good luck digging. B)