Hello all! R&D gurus coming please step inside...

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Hi all!

I'm Jamie from the UK. Before I begin must say I love this website especially the 'Unboxing & Project Sharing' part of the forum, some of the creations are fascinating and I had not even noticed the need for some of them!

So a little background, I'm from the UK as I mentioned, a retired (or shall we say, career change as I am only in my 30's?!) Commercial Pilot and currently in the Property game as a Developer and landlord. Recently I/we have started installing Home Automation in products into houses in both the ones I own/renovate and also for clients who desire the 'things' in their homes.

The system I work with is called Elan Home Systems and is very good but it could be better and they welcome third-party hardware manufacturers to integrate products into the platform. These can range from manufactuers such as Hayward Industries (Swiming Pool Control) to Sonos (Multi-Zone Music). From a installers view I can see what customers want and also where Elan and other high-end (£15K-£20+*) home automation systems (Control4, Savant, RTi, Creston etc) are lacking in terms of projects and interactions so if anyone has any questions then please let me know via this thread or PM if its private.

The 'internet of things' (IoT) and home automation is expanding at such a rate that platforms like UP and other similar product/frameworks have huge potential at tapping into this market. There are two building blocks to Home Automation like most markets, open and closed, and when I mean closed I mean very closed. Some of the wonderful open source projects you may have heard of such as openHAB, Home Assistant, Domotics, etc. In some aspects, they are better than the preparatory systems as there is more testing and development because it's freely available when the ones I deal with are a very close nit and DIY installs using the hardware are not possible due to the software configuration tools not being in the public domain.

Anyhow, for some time I have had a product (Video/Media related) in mind for the home automation systems, not just Elan. I have been scratching my head wondering where is the best place to find some people about this idea, then I remembered this forum!

Anyhow, I have waffled on loads so I will get to the point...I'm looking for some developers (hardware and software) for a project. If you are interested then please fire me a private message. The intended software for the base of the project is open source and distributed under the GNU General Public License. The hardware required for it is already available but needs to be tied together and be stable (stability is very important). AS mentioned Its media/video related.

Many thanks,


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