[Roadmap update] UP AI Core X

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Removed from the roadmap:----**UP AI Core XM 2230 **
Reason: Myriad X has two interface --USB3.0 and PCIe. OpenVINO supports only USB3.0. The space of this module is too small to have PCIe to USB converter which we design in other form factor. So we need to have PCIe driver to run OpenVINO. Unfortunately the driver is not available. Even we have produced a batch of engineering sample, we need to drop this project.

Removed from the roadmap:----**UP AI Core XM 2242 **
Reason: Same as UP AI Core XM 2230.
Other info: A custom variation is validated to support Windows Machine Learning. It is possible to offer to volume project upon discussion.

Add on the roadmap:----**UP AI Core XP4 & UP AI Core XP8 **
Features: We designed a PCIe[x4] card to accommodate 4 slot of AI Core XM 2280. The standard product will be based on 4x Myriad X on board, or 8x Myriad X on board. This could be a good way for you to try out how many Myriad X you really need for your project and help you to scale your vision accelerator.

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