[EOL] Products in UP shop

AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 561 admin

The following products are/ will be removed from UP shop soon.

Product name: UP Squared Grove IoT Development kit
Part number: RE-UPS-IOT-GP01-US/ RE-UPS-IOT-GP01-EU
Reason of EOL : slow demand
Effective date: Once the final piece is sold from the inventory

**USB Wifi Dongle BL-WN2210 **
Part number: OPT-UP-WF-002
Reason of EOL : Supplier stop production
Effective date: Jan' 2019

UP Squared AI Vision Development Kit:UP Squared AI Vision Development Kit
Reason of EOL : changing to new model UP Squared AI Vision X Developer kit
Effective date: Feb' 2019

UP Squared fanless chassis with VESA mounting plate (metal)
Reason of EOL : changing to new model EP-CHUPSMTVAC&P and EP-CHUPSMTVBPLX to support different CPU height in thermal block and possibility to integrate heat-pipe (P/N:EP-FNAICMX-2485) of AI Core X (P/N:PER-TAICX-A10-001).
Effective date: Jan' 2019

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