After installing Intel Graphics windows starts to reboot

AleksandarH New Member Posts: 4

I have installed windows 10 pro on my UP Squared. Then i have proceeded with installing the drivers from this link. When i've arrived at step 2 - installing the Intel Graphics driver - the UP Squared restarted after the installation was completed and continued to restart until i've booted into Safe mode and removed the Intel Graphics driver. I have tried every driver from the Intel web page (the ones that are specific with the processor) and numerous different windows 10 pro images and the problem always starts when i install the Intel Graphics driver.
I've hooked up my device with a Voltage and amps meter, and the device is working at 5V and drawing a maximum of 2.5A (In the specifications it says 4-6A@5V), so i think that power shortage isn't the problem for rebooting. I even updated the BIOS to 4.0. Does anyone know why or how can i fix it?

Thank you.

PS: My UP^2 model:
-Intel Pentium N4200 - 8GB DDR4 - 64GB eMMC

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