Problem installing Windows 10 32 Bit

Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
I always get an error when trying to install windows 10 32 bit.

file:\windows\system32\winload.efi error code: 0xC0000359

64 bit windows 10 can be installed without problems.

Please advice and thank you very much in advance


  • Andy Nicholson
    Andy Nicholson New Member Posts: 61
    I've had a similar problem before when the bootable USB wasn't being created properly, if you have an ISO of Windows try using this -
  • Thorsten
    Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the tip.

    But the created USB stick is not working at all.

    I can not select it from the boot menu - only a usb stick created with 64 bit is working.

    The error message was from a USB stick created with the media creation tool when I selected "booth" . Then I can select wich version I want to install. 64 bit is working fine, 32 bit brings the error message. When I create a USB stick with 32 bit from the ISO directly, with your tool or the MS media creation tool the stick is not bootable.

    Any other tip? Has anyone installed windows 10 32 bit successfully on the Up! ?

    Thanks again
  • Jacky Kuo
    Jacky Kuo New Member Posts: 70
    Which BIOS version are you using?
    You may need update BIOS to IA32 BIOS (UEFI 32bit) to install windows 10 x32.
  • Thorsten
    Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
    Sounds reasonable ;)

    Can you please advise me how to get and install the IA32 bios.

    Thank you very much. You help is appreciated.
  • Jacky Kuo
    Jacky Kuo New Member Posts: 70
    The latest 32 bit BIOS is being prepared and it will be available on download section soon. :)
  • Thorsten
    Thorsten New Member Posts: 7
    Thank you very much.

    I'm afraid my Up! broke while I tried to boot with different installer images. Suddenly it is not showing anything on the screen, the cooler stays cool. Only the blue LED turns on.

    I already sent an email to asking for further help or how to replace my unit.

    Someone related to Up! could have told me that 32 bit is currently not supported. I asked on twitter, via email and here. It took me days to trie all different things and now my Up is bricked.