Failing to install ubilinux (shows the ubilinux installer but keeps loop loading)

I just got my UP2 and I'm trying to install the ubilinux distribution. used Rufus to burn the thumb drive which actually boots up fine and gives me the ubilinux installer menu. however doesn't matter which option I choose it's always looping back booting the same installer menu.

any suggestions?



  • ybarash
    ybarash New Member Posts: 2

    Tried Ubuntu 16.04 with same results. got to the GRUB menu. no matter which option I choose it always loops back to the menu after rebooting.

  • jayb967
    jayb967 New Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2019

    I am getting the same for Ubuntu 18.04 server, were you guys able to figure this out? It goes to a blank screen with "Couldn't get size: 000000000x......." for about .5 of a second.

  • jayb967
    jayb967 New Member Posts: 3

    Turns out that my issue was the power supply. I was running it off a universal power adapter rated at 5v 2.1a. Weird because I was able to install/update to latest BIOS just fine... Once I plugged in the adapter I bought with it (5v 6a), it installed both Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 just fine