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What’s new on the powerful UP Xtreme i14?

DeliaSirghie Administrator, AAEON Posts: 5 admin

Discover the advancements that UP Xtreme i14 brings over its predecessor, the UP Xtreme i12. This latest release brings significant upgrades that redefine performance and efficiency in embedded computing.

Below, you can find a detailed look at the enhancements.

Key Upgrades vs. UP Xtreme i12:

  • New Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor Platform:
    UP Xtreme i14: Features up to 16 cores, offering enhanced multi-threading and performance capabilities.

  • New Intel® Arc™ Graphics:
    UP Xtreme i14: Equipped with up to 128 Execution Units (EUs), providing superior graphics performance for intensive applications.

  • First Built-in NPU AI Engine:
    UP Xtreme i14: Includes a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), making AI processing significantly more power efficient. The NPU can handle AI workloads up to 8 times more efficiently than using the iGPU or CPU cores.

  • First Processor on Intel 4 Process Technology:
    UP Xtreme i14: Utilizes advanced Intel 4 process technology, resulting in higher efficiency and better performance.

  • Maximum Display Resolution with 8K60p:
    UP Xtreme i14: Supports up to 8K resolution at 60Hz, enhancing visual output for high-resolution displays.

  • Wide Range of Power Input:
    UP Xtreme i14: Supports 9-36V DC In, offering greater flexibility in power supply options.

  • Friendly Expansion:
    UP Xtreme i14: All M.2 slots are conveniently located on the same side of the board, making expansion and customization easier and more convenient.

Next to all these, the new UP Xtreme i14 is powered by the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processor platform (formerly Meteor Lake), bringing a new NPU, the dedicated low power AI engine. Here are the benefits of the new NPU:

  1. Power Efficiency: The NPU in the UP Xtreme i14 is designed for power-efficient AI processing, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

  2. Optimized Computing: Efficiently utilize computing power based on different application needs, enhancing overall system performance.

  3. AI Workload Efficiency: The NPU can handle AI workloads up to 8 times more efficiently compared to the iGPU or CPU cores, leading to significant power savings and better performance.

The UP Xtreme i14’s cutting-edge technology and advanced features make it a powerhouse for AI applications, high-resolution displays, and robust performance needs. Elevate your projects with the UP Xtreme i14 and experience the new capabilities of embedded computing.

You can also pre-order the UP Xtreme i14 here:

Order by 5th of July and get a free power supply.

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