BUG REPORT - Latest Bios

pauldgenovese New Member Posts: 1

Hi Everyone,

I've upgraded the UP Board (4Gb Ram) BIOS using the firmware found here https://downloads.up-community.org/download/up-board-uefi-bios-upc1dm15/ but I've faced a lot of problems:

A ) The link for the download in the WIKI page is wrong
B ) I downloaded the correct zip file from the link mentioned above, and I followed the Wiki page procedure (https://wiki.up-community.org/Bios_Update ) but inside the zip file there is no "go_64.nsh" file, only a "GO.nsh".

I tought that the wiki was out of date so I ran the "GO.nsh" script and he flashed the BIOS correctly... Apparently. After the reboot now the board is stuck on the UP logo, and does not recognize anymore the eMMC (Ubuntu 16.04, before the update was working): the BIOS recognize an eMMC but he calls it "unknown".

Also is not possible anymore to boot from USB in UEFI. I plugged the same USB used for the upgrade of the BIOS and it won't recognize it anymore.

Now my UP is unusable. I really don't know what to do... Any clues?

Thanks to all the community, you are very helpful!