Internal WiFi almost unusable in case of USB 3.0 data transfer

thm82 New Member Posts: 1

Hi, i am currently evaluating the Up Core for a small batch customer product.
I need constant stable WiFi connectivity and USB 3.0 data transfer (for a camera system) in parallel.
Unfortunately, I have serious stability issues with Wifi :-(
As soon as I start the camera capture application, the Wifi connectivity is becoming unstable or lost completely. Simple pings sometimes take seconds. More complex website requests are pretty often completely lost.
My wifi router is only one room away with normally good coverage.

The well known interference problematic between Wifi and USB 3.0 seems to be a serious issue on the Up Core (USB is adding noise to the Wifi frequencies).
Is there any possible way to mitigate the issue? E.g. by a software/driver update?
Or is a hardware fix (better shielding, new board revision) the only solution? It would be a shame to loose the internal Wifi capability due to this. Might even need to look for a different board due to this problematic :-(

Can anybody from the Aeon team help me with this serious hardware issue?

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