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DisplayPort and multi display HW support by UP Squared


Hello. I have a few questions about the UP Squared.

  • Is the DisplayPort interface DP++, i.e. could I use a passive DP to DVI adapter should I need to use a DVI display, or is an active adapter a must?
  • I see that there is a HDMI/DP connector stack and an eDP connector. Does it mean I can connect simultaneously one HDMI + one DP + one eDP panels i.e. up to 3 displays?
    Thanks and Happy New Year :)


  • RaRaBeaR
    RaRaBeaR New Member Posts: 6
    1. Got information from AEEON tech support: "It's not DP++ port."

    2. Can at least connect simultaneously one HDMI + one DP (to monitor with DP port). I haven't tried eDP panels...

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