How to install Android on UP BOARD CORE

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Please give me the instruction
However I do not find the Installation instruction. In the Android instruction of UPBoard; I have to download the EFI from the AAEON Server.
If this Right? Please give me Access. thanks 1.1. Requirements
1. An USB flash disk with FAT32 filesystem format, and has more than 1GB free space. 2. Download the (EFI shell) for the installation environment: om_tw/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=ETcemxg CR0Rm03ZvDpD35UBNFRCV5t%2Bl88AqUA8Jbyo%3D&docid=2_0 3959ed456b764524ab9939411a195730&rev=1&e=ecdf7a1e2f584 6df8ff8e0e4dbaea0ae 3. Download the released archive to the local host: AndroidIA



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