Power button not starting the UP board

I‘m having the following problem with the regular up board (4gb 64gb) using the 5v6a power supply (intended for up2) and win10pro:
The powerswitch does not turn on the board. The board does boot up immediately when the power supply is connected and i can shut it down with a single press on the power button, but the same button does not boot it up again. Only way i could find is to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.
Is that normal behavior? How can i make the power button turn on the up?



  • Hamdanjz
    Hamdanjz New Member Posts: 2

    Same problem. Please help

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin New Member Posts: 5

    Yea agree - this is error, since start, defineately. After shutdown/poweroff command from Linux, board switched off forewer till power reinserted, on "normal" boards here is power menu in the BIOS with Power Loss settings, I guess Up Board BIOS somehow plays with it, and deciding to hide it... And this is Errror too, by logical sideview. Board hasn't power knob set in package, wafer 1.25mm only is very bad option. User has to search such wiring, w/o warranty of success.