AI core with UP Square

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Hi all,

I'm using the UP Square board (Celeron) and the AI Core Movidius Myriad 2 2450, which is connected via mini pci-e.

I followed the installation of ubuntu 16.04 using this guide:

That went smooth, I also connected the wifi module m.2, it works great.

The next step was to installing the OpenVINO toolkit, for that I used this guide:

I'm unsure what to do to enable/install/use the Movidius mini pcie board... there is not too much documentation about it. The OpenVINO demos crash several times (perhaps due to my low ram memory 2GB).

The first demo ./ runs well after trying the command for 3 times (it was crashing at compilation)

The second demo ./ took me around 9 runs to finish compilation, crash after crash after crash. The first run is with the CPU, it runs a 8 FPS or less...

Then I tried using the option "-d MYRIAD" and its giving me the next error:

[ INFO ] InferenceEngine: 
    API version ............ 1.4
    Build .................. 17328
[ INFO ] Parsing input parameters
[ INFO ] Capturing video streams from the video files or loading images
[ INFO ] Files were added: 1
[ INFO ]     /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools/demo/../demo/car_1.bmp
[ INFO ] Number of input image files: 1
[ INFO ] Number of input video files: 0
[ INFO ] Number of input channels:    1
[ INFO ] Loading plugin MYRIAD

    API version ............ 1.4
    Build .................. 17328
    Description ....... myriadPlugin
[ INFO ] Loading network files for VehicleDetection
[ INFO ] Batch size is forced to  1
[ INFO ] Checking Vehicle Detection inputs
[ INFO ] Checking Vehicle Detection outputs
[ INFO ] Loading Vehicle Detection model to the MYRIAD plugin
E: [ncAPI] [         0] ncDeviceOpen:668    failed to find device

[ ERROR ] Can not init USB device: NC_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND
Error on or near line 150; exiting with status 1


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