Set up Up Squared Always failed

planck35 New Member Posts: 1

I have problem with setting up the up squared board
When I try to install Arduino connector to the board.

It always show

Something went wrong
We were not able to establish a connection between the Arduino Create and your UP2 Board.
Make sure:
your Board is correctly connected to your computer
your Board is correctly connected to internet (the Ethernet LED is blinking)
you have filled out the Proxy Settings if your device is behind Proxy, set up available on the Connector Upload page.

But I checked everything, there is no proxy.
and the debug console on Arduino create agent always log:
{ "Ports": [], "Network": true }
{ "Ports": [ { "Name": "COM3", "SerialNumber": "", "DeviceClass": "", "IsOpen": false, "IsPrimary": false, "Baud": 0, "BufferAlgorithm": "", "Ver": "1.1.76", "NetworkPort": false, "VendorID": "0x8087", "ProductID": "0x101E" } ], "Network": false }

Can somebody give me a help??
this setup process is pretty annoying and I can't figure out