Is possible to use win7 64 bit in 4gb ram 64gb Hdd

juan New Member Posts: 4

I want yo use win7 with the up board. Some of my apps are not Linux compatible and im not sure They will run good in w8 so, its possible to install w7 in?

Drivers? Other problems?




  • Aeth
    Aeth New Member Posts: 10
    markchang wrote:
    its possible to install w7 in?
    Like the guy wanting to try Server 08, I'm pretty sure it will install and kind-of "work"; but without drivers, its actual functionality will be pretty limited.
    I'd suspect most of the on-board stuff will need drivers that don't exist. Basic video display, maybe the USB2, not much else.
  • Andy Nicholson
    Andy Nicholson New Member Posts: 60
    If it runs on win7, it will run on win 8 and 10. Unless you have a very strange program (which I have only seen once in my entire career)

    You will be able to run Win 8 and 10 on the up, but you will have to make some changes to the OS. As soon as I get my board I'm going to start making a guide how to do this.
  • juan
    juan New Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for The answers
    I think my board arrives mid july so o hope to havent problems in the installation of win8.
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