How to install OS on UP Board without using a monitor?

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I want to install ubilinux on my UP board. but I don't have a display or monitor to check or verify the installation steps. is it possible to install operating system on UP board without using a display?



  • ccalde
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    Hi @Chetan,

    No problem at all :)

    You can use the Ubilinux ISO image here:
    Flash it in a USB driver (using Etcher for example)
    Then, connect it to your board and power the UP on.

    The first option for installation is automatic by default.
    So, you only need to wait some minutes until finishing the installation.
    The board will be off when everything is finally OK.


  • Chetan
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    hello @ccalde,
    Thanks you so much for the reply.
    I guess it is the same installation process like we install OS on our Laptop or PC.
    so I have made a bootable USB device of Ubilinux. and connected to the UP board with power cable plugged in. now tell me one thing, how the operating system will install automatically?
    as far as I know about installation, we've to select installation mode whether it can be UEFI, also we have to make partitions, also have to give username/password etc.
    now, can you please elaborate how the things will gonna happen automatically in this case?

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    @Chetan The Ubilinux ISO for UP is specifically configured for an automatic install of the OS (formatting your entire MMC automatically, configuring partitions, formatting EFI boot, installing OS, etc).

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    The Ubilinux is an automatic installation. The automatic installation will run by default after some seconds. Then, you will get your entire disk for the OS and "ubilinux" is your user and pass.
    If you need to do a costumed installation you could try with Clonezilla.