[SOLVED] UP2 Wifi AC3165 M2.2230 for Ubuntu 16.04 - not recognized by OS

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I just got my UpSquared with 8 Gig Ram with 128 Gb eMMC , installed the recommended UpSquared AC3165 dual band Wifi BT card , flashed the BIOS to version 3.3., then installed it with Ubuntu 16.04 and replaced generic Kernel with the PPA kernel . Funny thing is that while doing all these, the Linux OS did not recognize the wifi card throughout. Is there something I missed in the UpSquared BIOS settings? I clicked on the Intel AC3165 wifi card link to look for Linux drivers. Unfortunately all the drivers in that page are all for Windows OS. Can someone show me how to get the recommended UpSquared AC3165 wireless dual band BT card to work with the UpSquared running on Ubuntu 16.04?


  • ianthng
    ianthng New Member Posts: 2

    .... found the problem - bad AC3165 card. Swapped it and Ubuntu recognized the good hardware immediately. All systems go. Now have to get back to Up Shop to ask for a new card replacement.