CAN & Serial port Ubilinux

upbac New Member Posts: 1

I'm trying to compile the system, however there's an issue with the Serial port and also the CAN interface.

I'm using the Up-Board as the processor for another board that includes CAN and Serial port, I'm compiling your Ubilinux system image in the device (Up-Board), but I can't make the CAN and SP work.

Do you guys have any idea about the drivers for the following chips?
1. CAN - MCP2515 by SPI
2. Serial port - SC16IS740 by i2c

Those chips work properly when instead of the Up-Board I use the Compute Module 3 from Rpi and Raspbian.

Thanks in advance!


  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    I have used CAN with the MCP2515 driver and the 4.9.45-upboard kernel without problems.
    What is not working for you?

  • twwe
    twwe New Member Posts: 3

    Hi nukular,
    old post but exact the same task. I am trying to use mcp2515 chip with ubilinux 4 and kernel 4.9.45 as well.
    How did you get it to work ? I compiled the kernel with support for mcp251x but now I do not know how to proceed.
    Hardware setup is testet with RASPI and dtoverlay.
    Would be great getting your help!

  • BenSpex
    BenSpex New Member Posts: 8

    Hi nukular,

    I'm trying to achieve the same on Ubuntu 18.04 any tipps and ideas on how to get the MCP2515 to work on the Up Squared?


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