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First of all I'm completely aware that 18.04 is currently not supported OS.

However we are using the 18.04 mostly without any problems, the main issue we are seeing is that after we install the upboard-extras package from the 16.04 repo the system shutdown sequence seems to wait for some kind of IRQ that is never received and times out in about 3 minutes. This results in 3+ minutes shutdown/reboot sequences. Everything else we managed to run without any issues.

Please consider this issue when you are preparing to officially support 18.04, or share with us any knowledge that could help us mitigate it even now if you know how :smile:

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    @secret2k could you provide some logs of it waiting? Also, what board/chipset is this? UP Board/Core or UP^2?

    You should be able to view previous boot logs with:

    journalctl -b -1

    If you haven't enabled persistent logs yet, or want to know how to use this tool, here's a pretty good overview: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs

    Though I don't know what service it might show under as my only UP^2 with Linux is running Xen with Arch Linux as my router, where I don't have GPIO enabled at the moment until I get my LoRa devices working again. I also disable all logs and all writes to disk (for longevity purposes as I expect to be using this setup for a decade plus).

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