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Reuse My Up Board for Cloud Server


Hello People I have an Up Board (2GB-32GB) that i've used for my old Projects and ideas, and now is unused, I want Reuse in my Home for do a Small Cloud Server, I want take a small HDMI 3,5" TFT Screen (320x480) for server status and use a Raid 1 Box 3,5" or 2,5" HDD USB3, I need some home services like a small TS3 Server, Cloud Server, PrintServer (we have 4 Printer) and services like Transcoding or Decoding for our SmartTV

I have some Questions:

What could be the best OS (Win or a Distro?) for these porpuses? (I know nothing about Server Building)
Can Up Board Boot OS from external Storages? (EMMC is so slow and act like a bottleneck on all sistem)
Are There problems with USB3 or HDMI at small resolutions or GPIO-I2C? (not important, because I donk know how to use it, but TFT have I2C Touch)
Some Suggestions?


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