Can't install rtl8812au USB wireless

KahrenA New Member Posts: 15

Had successfully installed rtl8812au on the pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 (followed instructions @ BUT I needed to get MRAA to work... For that I upgraded the kernel following instructions @
After upgrading successfully, uname -srv : Linux 4.10.0-42-generic #5000~upboard11-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 25 15:58:51 UTC 2018 ... I can not install the USB wireless adapter. The problem seems to be the linux header files...sudo apt list --installed | grep headers returns 4.14.0-041400201711122031-upboard is installed...
under lib modules I now see 4.10.0-41-generic, 4.14.0-041400201711122031-upboard-generic and
Its a mess! Now when I reboot I get grub asking me 4.10 vs 4.15... and I can't enable my wireless and I need to...
What do you recommend? debug.log attached


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