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So I'm working on an OpenCV project that depends on a live webcam feed at 30FPS, and a bare minimum resolution of 720p (but preferably 1080p). The webcam stream is MJPEG, and I intend to run Linux.
However, I'm not feeling so confident if the UP board's CPU is powerful enough to do this. The closest reference point I have is a laptop with a 1.7GHz i3 (2c/4t) based on Haswell that seems to be able to just barely keep up with 720p @ 30FPS.

The UP's CPU is a more recent model and has 4 cores instead of 2, but since it is an Atom, I'm not sure if it may be lacking instructions or JPEG hardware decoders. Besides, this is a single-threaded task, so the extra real cores shouldn't matter. I've also read that some people never got it beyond 1.6GHz.

So, I was wondering if anybody had experience with this scenario, and if the UP board is capable of handling this workload.


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    Hi @schmidtbag ,

    I worked with UP2 board and OpenCV at 25FPS and 720p without problems :)
    I think you could try first at 25 and then if it's ok for you, test at 30FPS.


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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Did you get one of the Atom or Celeron UP2s? Because the Celerons have significantly better single-threaded performance, where I figure that should be able to handle [email protected]

    In my use case, framerate is actually more important than resolution (resolution is also important, just not as much). If I could go beyond 30FPS without spending $200+ on a camera, I would. So, although 25FPS isn't bad, every lost frame counts.

    All that being said, in your experiment, were any of the CPU cores maxed out, and, was your camera capable of reaching a steady 30FPS?

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    Hi @schmidtbag ,

    I used the Celeron UP2 board.

    About the CPU cores, I don't remember to get maxed out.
    And no sorry, but I never tested at 30FPS, but I think you will not have problems with that.


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