I put 30V on the input by accident


As the title suggests. I wired up some buck converters to provide 5V from my 12V power bricks, but I stupidly wired also one identical-looking boost converter in the exactly the same fashion. It seemed a stupid idea at the time, even stupider now after I inevitably plugged it into the UP board.

Afterwards when trying it with the more reasonable 5V, it did boot to OS, but there was a wisp of smoke coming from somewhere on the board...

I'm wondering how screwed am I? Any guesses for what I managed to fry?


  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    This is happened to a couple of people, as far as I know no one managed to fix the board.
    Unfortunately there are no schematics and board layout files available, so it's really hard to know what exactly you fried.

    If there was smoke, then there should be something that looks burned, right ;)
    So if you have the necessary tools to do SMD board repair, then you will just have to take a look and figure it our your self I'm afraid...but if you do fix it, it would be nice to post an update, so people in the future will know what to do (and I am very sure this will happen to someone again ;D)

  • mothi
    mothi New Member Posts: 3

    The funny thing is the board boots just fine and is running windows 10 without issue. And peeking around the board with the naked eye I couldn't really find anything that looks burned. Could it really be that this board has magic smoke to spare? I will keep investigating...

  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    Oh, I didn't read your first post right then for some reason, I thought it did not work :D
    You are lucky then, maybe the thing that burned was a bypass cap that exploded or something else that is relatively unimportant.

  • Kurt
    Kurt New Member Posts: 146 ✭✭

    I was one of the ones who did something similar...

    But simply had HAT that had a DC/DC converter to take 12v down to 5v to feed both the hat as well as the UP board. My hat uses the same type connector as the UP board, and one time in a hurry, I plugged the 12v wall wart into the wrong one... Likewise had magic smoke. But unlike yours, mine was bad. If I tried plugging in 5v, it did not want to boot and part of the board would start heating up pretty quick...

    On mine I could find at least one component that was fried. Thought about trying to figure out what that component was and replace it, but then decided better to be safe than sorry as don't know what other components may have been damaged as well...

    Good luck

  • KahrenA
    KahrenA New Member Posts: 15

    OK, I am here because I did the same silly thing and plugged 12V instead of 5V ... Silliness of my action aside, it is crazy to loose $250 and a few weeks until the new one board arrives... why isn't there a fuse given that the power connectors are the same and allow mistakes like the one I and man others have made?????

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