Any software options?

Joe Raby
Joe Raby New Member Posts: 3
Are there any options for getting Windows licenses with the hardware? Can Aaeon/Asus supply any of those low-cost/"zero-cost" Windows 10 Home licenses that OEM's get for next to nothing? In contrast, System Builder and retail licenses are about $100-120US for Windows 10 Home.

I'm also interested in Windows Storage Server and/or Windows Server for Embedded Systems.


  • db
    db New Member Posts: 26
    do you absolutely need windows os,
    you should seriously consider linux os if you can unless you need windows for your preference,
  • Joe Raby
    Joe Raby New Member Posts: 3
    I'm looking at becoming an integrator/reseller for these and my existing client base is looking for Windows PC's because they want to run Windows software on them. I'd like to see a potential option for Chrome OS, with the advent of Android app support, but that's a ways off.

    Also, Linux just doesn't cut it for more easy advanced server setup without expensive management console subscriptions or custom NAS software. Windows Server does that, and there are inexpensive OEM options for bundling. Storage Server allows for point-and-click setup of many NAS functions, but also connects to, and is fully manageable by, an Active Directory infrastructure. You can even use a low-end host as a scale-out file server with an existing iSCSI NAS, and this works well for our clients, since they can use SMB 3.0 on modern desktop OS's, which provides extremely fast and reliable data transfer over their LAN.

    In both cases, I'm appealing to Aaeon to leverage their OEM channel with ASUS to offer optional bundled OS licenses because the after-market cost for System Builder licenses is astronomical in comparison.
  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    At this movement, AAEON is only entitled to sell embedded OS and MIcrosoft regulates us to ship it together with the boards. We are still talking with Microsoft to get consumer version,such as Windows 10 professional/HOME.
    Once it is available, we will sell it on UP shop.
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