USB3.0 with RealSense D415 not working

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I've bought an UP Board ( and I want to use the Intel RealSense D415 device with it.
The problem is that the D415 needs an USB-C to USB-Micro-B cable because it needs to connect to UP board through the USB 3.0.

I'm not able to find a such cable. I've tried a lot of cables and one of the sensors (it has normally depth, color, infrared sensors, but color's sensor is not there) that compound the D415 is not recognized and I cannot grab images from it (timeout error when trying to grab).

Here is an example of a cable I've bought :

On an UPSquared, I can have the D415 camera working by pluging the camera to one of its USB3 ports.

Can you give the specifications for the USB 3.0 port on the UP Board and the one for the UPSquared, or can you help me finding a compatible usb-cable working with the intel RealSense D415 ?

Is it because the USB 3 is OTG ?

Best regards,

Christophe Balthasart



  • ccaldeccalde Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 315 admin

    Hi @alxsystems ,

    First at all, you must be sure Linux system for UP platforms is installed in your board:

    Your OTG USB3.0 should work as normally:

  • alxsystemsalxsystems New Member Posts: 2


    I've tryed to change USB 3.0 Port to DeviceMode but nothing changes. The D415 is still not recognized as an usb3 device.
    with the command lsusb -t I can see that USB3 is on bus 1. When I plug the D415 it is not attached to bus 1, but it is attached to bus 2 which is usb 2 only.
    I've a micro-b to USB-A female cable that allow me to connect my D415 using an usb-c to usb-a cable and in this case the camera works.
    I cannot use that solution because I need a shorter cable at all, max 30 cm.

    I don't understand from which part (Usb cable, up board) the problem comes.

    Thanks for your help,

    Christophe Balthasart

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    Hi @alxsystems ,

    With your information, it seems an issue with the camera cable.
    Maybe because of the USB-C cable for D415 camera.

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    Note that the UP shop has the required cable for sale. I am not sure if it is any different then the Amazon one you bought, but personally I don't buy cables any longer from Amazon as they are mostly fake.

    If you have an UP Board, I think u need the OTG USB 3.0 cable ("OTG" is the important part):

    For the UP Core, it already exposes a single USB 3.0 port. However, if you need to connect a USB mouse/kb, you can pickup this cable for the UP Core to get two external USB 2.0 ports:

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