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Powering up squared board with an ATX power supply

Paul Fauchon
Paul Fauchon New Member Posts: 4

I know nothing about electricity and related stuff so bare with me.

I'm still thinking about building a NAS with the up squared and want to limit the number of power socket used as i was originally thinking of a JBOD but i can't seem to find one where people don't have issues.

I can see there are mini pice -> 4x sata boards that would fit my needs so this is fine, the issue comes from power.

The easiest would be to use an ATX power supply so i can power the board and the disks but could i use that to power the up board ? is it as simple as using an ATX breakout board then link the 5V+ to a power jack i can put in the up squared ? It seems that an ATX +5v can deliver 30+A which obviously is more than enough but is it going to fry the board or is there some sort of regulator on the board itself ?




  • DV01D
    DV01D New Member Posts: 13

    Board will pull what it needs as far as current, and there are regulators on board. Maximum is supposed to be 4A, but I've also seen reports of 6A, you actual use would be dictated by peripherals (i.e. all the stuff you plug into the board). As long as you provide a consistent 5V you should be fine. This is a closed source board, so you won't be able see the schematics or anything to help you determine actual limits. I have been unable to receive answers to basic questions, so wish you luck.


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