UP Squared with RockTouch 10.1" LCD

ct_ipc New Member Posts: 3

I have an issue that I cannot deal by myself.

I tried to connect RockTouch 10" lcd (KIT-101JDHX30BP1U1) to UP Squared. In my lcd kit I have controller board marked as TFC_UP2DSI.
Only backlight of lcd is turning on and screen is blank.
Next, I followed tutorial for UP board, how to connect and configure it, but UP board has other options to set in bios. So I tried everyone (auto, DSI, eDP, ...), with every resolution and other settings. It was tried with hdmi connected and disconnected, in bios and in windows10. Always blank screen.
The latest bios update also didn't fix it.

I have no idea what I can check else.

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