NCSDK 2.0 examples fail to install on Up Board by default (Tensorflow 1.7)

jimeharrisjr New Member Posts: 1

I bought an Up squared (Atom processor) with the AI Core PCIe card, but I have reproduced this on a regular Up board with the Neural Compute Stick. Running Ubuntu 16.04, the NCSDK 2.0 examples fail to install correctly by default (bad instruction, core dump error).

After hours of troubleshooting, I discovered that I have to manually PIP install Tensorflow 1.5 (1.7 is installed by default) before trying to MAKE the examples.

Have I missed something? The version included with the NCSDK is already 3 versions behind the current Tensorflow release, but even it doesn't actually seem compatible.

Is there any way to get the Up board working with the AI Core and the NCSDK with a more recent version of Tensorflow?