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hdmi to vga


Is there a known working adapter that can perform this function on the up boards?

I bought a cheap generic one and its doesn't seem to work but the up board itself does seem to detect that something is plugged in and tries to output to it.

I just wish i could plug my up boards into my analog KVM switch :( Digital ones are far too expensive for me at the moment.

2 x UP board, 4GB RAM + 64 GB eMMC w/ vesa case
1x UP Squared Pentium Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 128GB eMMC w/ vesa case
1x UP Core Plus E3950, 8GB RAM, 64GB EMMC+ Net Plus i210-IT
1x Dell Power Edge R510
2x Dell Power Edge R610



  • lcividanes
    lcividanes New Member Posts: 5

    We are using one of those from that "river" store and it's working, but sometimes we need to restart the up board to get it working (seems than in some cases the screen don't receive the start signal).


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