Windows IoT Core / Windows 10 - Practical Status?

Eric New Member Posts: 29
I just stumbled today upon UP board and I'm quite pleasantly surprised about it. The specs and the price are great, and that it is so much easier to get at than Minnowboard in Europe as it appears to me at least.

I've read that it supports Windows OneCore / Windows 10 and I've even seen IoT Core explicitly mentioned. I'm just wondering what exactly the status is, since here in the community the only references to software I see are Linux.

Does anyone have some experience with those OS'es yet? Is the board ready to boot coming from the factory, or is there still firmware to test/write, BSP's that sort of thing? I'd probably be fine making a bootable image, as long as all the files are at least there and the naked OS is going to be stable. I'm really asking about IoT Core - that it'd be able to run Windows 10 or even NanoServer could be fun to try.

Thanks! Eric


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    Hi Eric,
    The board will be provided without any OS pre-installed but you will be able to install any OS available which currently supports the UP board.

    At the moment Windows 8.1/10 are supported and we provide a drivers installation package (soon to be available to the public). Unfortunately Windows IoT Core is not currently supported.
    On the Linux side we have the official ubilinux distribution based on Debian 8, also the Yocto BSP and Ubuntu.
    Other OSes will add support for UP in the coming weeks/months, we will keep you posted!
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