resolution scaling not working in games

xeno5000 New Member Posts: 1

I bought the up core to use in a mini gaming pc project. It is designed to play retro games and indie titles on steam. When i change the resolution within the game it doesn't scale to fit. If i set to 800 x 600 for example the window shrinks and then a large black border fills in the rest of the screen. I have changed the intel graphics setting to "scale to fit screen" but no matter what changes i make the result is the same. The scaling just refuses to work. I have 2 other boards that i pulled from chinese made mini pc's and they both act the same way. Is this a limitation of the z8350 chip? or is there an updated driver that can fix this. Btw, i also tried setting my screen resolution to 720p and then set my game to 720p and it still didn't fit screen. It acts like no matter what i do the background is 1080p even when i change my desktop screen resolution. any help will be appreciated because i just cant seem to figure this one out.


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