7" Display & Touch Kit with UP Squared Intel QuadCore Board

okoester New Member Posts: 1


I'm struggling with connecting the 7" Display to the UP Squared.
I'm pretty sure that the connections are correct, but I cant proof. The documentation is missing in the Downloads area. The links mentioned in other (earlier) posts do not work...

Besides that, from my understanding I have to enable the display somewhere in BIOS. The sheet coming with the display mentions to go into BIOS -> Chipset -> North bridge "and select eDP, to Select eDP enable.."
But there is no eDP setting in BIOS! Not in the north bridge settings nor somewhere else. I've also tried to find it using admin bios mode (using the passw0rd).
Nothing to find.

What can I do? Where do I have to look? Maybe it is called different on UP Squared...?
Is there a working link to the installation manual that should have been able to download here?

Any help is appreciated!

I'm looking forward for your answers...


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