UPS and wide range DC-in HAT can't initialize

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I have bought Up Board and S.USV UPs (UPS module) with its official 3000 mAh Lipo battery.
While using S.USV hat with 3000 mAh battery my system was working without any issue.
My 3000 mAh lipo battery is dead because of overheat (my guess). So without waiting for delivery to Turkey. I bought an other 3.7V, 900 mAh battery and connected it to S.USV hat.
My main issue that my hat ( S.USV ) can't initialize also its PSU GREEN led is blinking all the time.

Also I can't use their software to check my battery condition.

[email protected]:/opt/susvd$ sudo ./susvd -start
[sudo] password for connecticals:
S.USV still Daemon running... PID: 903
[email protected]:/opt/susvd$ sudo ./susv -status
Unable to select I2C device

Also I tried to update hat's firmware but it gives:

[email protected]:/opt/susvd$ /opt/susvd/susv -flash /opt/susvd/fw/susv_fw_251.pi.hex
failed to switch to bootloader (invalid address?): No such device or address
How can I make initialize my hat.
Thanks in advace.



  • mustafaxfemustafaxfe New Member Posts: 4

    I have discovered that it is initializing and charging its lipo battery while using Linux kernel 4.14 and 4.15. But it is not working with the kernel that included in linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-upboard package.
    I have still some problems. First, its current charge level is 85% so I want to use it without dc plug.
    But, when I unplugged it, it powers off. Also result of ./susv -status says its powering source "Primary",.
    How can I set this to battery.
    Also I need patches and configs from ubilinux kernel so, should I compile it by hand or are there some packages which maintain by individuals.


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