Does windows 2008 r2 server work on up board?

E van der Pol
E van der Pol New Member Posts: 10
Does windows 2008 r2 server work on up board?


  • Jacky Kuo
    Jacky Kuo New Member Posts: 70
    edited July 2016
    Hi Evdpol,
    Only windows 10 is officially supported on UP board.
  • Andy Nicholson
    Andy Nicholson New Member Posts: 60
    I'm not sure about 2008, but I would imagine 2012 onwards may work as there are drivers available for Windows 8 +, which is pretty much what 2012 is based off.

    I placed my order for a board this morning, and getting a full MS server on there is one of my challenges, so watch this space.... ;)
  • Aeth
    Aeth New Member Posts: 10
    evdpol wrote:
    Does windows 2008 r2 server work on up board?
    Pretty sure it will "work"; but without drivers, its actual functionality will be pretty limited.
    I'd suspect most of the on-board stuff will be non-functional. Basic video display, maybe the USB2, not much else.
  • Eric
    Eric New Member Posts: 29
    I'm guessing Windows Server will have the same problems as IoT - no audio and a standard VGA driver will be loaded. It will have drivers for USB and Ethernet - even for SATA if I'm correct and there is the SATA cover attached, so it can run as a 'server' unless you want to do media encoding/decoding or use let's say OpenCL or DirectCompute.

    Because just as IoT and different from Windows Home/Pro, Server does not make the assumption that there is a desktop. You can install it (on full server) but its not there on Server Core and on NanoServer you can't even add it. It is my understanding that the drivers for the audio and video aren't present in IoT for this reason.
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